Saturday, October 30, 2010


I realize it has been forever since I have posted, no excuses, just not much going on.
On the lighter side, I have heat and hot water, the taxes have been paid for another year, and repairs are coming along well, so far. The kitchen cabnets have nearly all received their first coat of primer and we are awaiting the return of our handy repair man to instll the ceiling and wall in the dining room and replace the panneled wall with fresh drywall.
I am still moving furnature in from the other house, but have lost interest in most of what is there.
Work is just about the same, not much new there either.
I am batteling this most recient flu that seems to be going around. But have not missed any work because of it.
When last we talked, Mo and Bily were coming up for their reunion, and it was so nice to have them and the girls (dogs) visiting. A good time was had by all.