Thursday, June 5, 2008


Earlier, my daughter and I were discussing the electric bill, and how everyone seems to be having trouble paying the exorbitant costs arising from energy companies. We remarked on friends who were in dire straits as far as making ends meet, when a neighbor of mine arrived and laid a bombshell on me as to the fact that she owed nine thousand dollars to the electric company. HOW do you get that far behind without getting your service terminated? There had been times, when because of illness, or whatever, I have fallen behind a month or so, but how can you get that far behind? She stated they have always lived that way. They run up big bills, then change the name on the account to another person in the household, and when they run out of names, they move, These are the same people who spend money of big screen televisions, yard ornaments, eating out for every meal, etc. and then cry to family, friends, and even churches, to get someone to bail them out so they can continue on their merry way avoiding the consequences of their lives. What has happened to our society, that so many of us believes that the world owes us a living, an education, all the newest and biggest "toys"?

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