Friday, August 22, 2008

Not A Great Day

Being a mother of an only child, who has chosen to live in the path of hurricanes, tornadoes, and tropical storms, I get a little antsy this time of year. Even though we talk every day, one (if you're me) worries. After we talked today, I left to go get groceries.....with my mind in Florida, I left the house, locked the door and walked to the locked car. That's when I noticed, I locked the house and the car, and left my keys inside the house. Nothing to do but break in! I decided my best option, after checking the doors and windows, in case I might have missed one, was the back door. It has a cheap lock, and seemed to be the easiest. After kicking the door off the framing, and still unable to get in, my mind, being a few steps behind my actions, said "hey, stupid, break the window and unlock the door!" ENTRY GAINED! Now, go for groceries. (Yes, I cleaned up the broken glass, and pushed the door back into the wall) In the Walmart parking lot, some dumb old F*#K, (read man) backed out without looking, I honked, he ignored the horn, so I threw the car in reverse, and saved my A*S a major car repair. Swearing into my blue tooth to Mo, I relieved my frustrations, and realized the "OLD F*#K" was probably my age. I spent twice my grocery allowance, after all, I deserved cream puffs, orange sherbet, and portabella mushrooms, for the savings in auto repair!

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fishy said...

Sorry to hear about your day. At least you were able to indulge a little as a result of your savings!
I too, get worried about your DD and the hurricanes. Gustav may not be an immediate threat to her, but Hannah could sure bring some nights worth pacing. If you talk to her, tell her FISHY said "HI!"