Friday, October 17, 2008

Gotta Love Bureaucracry

In September, I got hurt at work and have been unable to lift so much as a pot of coffee...but the compensation providers have rejected the incident as not being work related. I was assisting a patient out of his chair when he fell backwards, his elbow came down in the crook of my arm and caused numbness in 3 fingers, pain in the shoulder, neck and low back, so bad that I could not take a deep breath. My supervisor had to drive me to the hospital......BUT, comp says that is not a work injury.
Last Tuesday, I was informed that they are not paying my wages, because of the determination, but the union, (Yea, I am a member of the AFL/CIO) has provided me with some options, and thank Goddess, because at 60, I have grown accustom to the small things in life, like heat, and food!

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