Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One more thing

More bad news today. I work for the state and although we must continue to work, we will not be paid until the budget is settled. For most of us that live from pay to pay, me included, that unfortunately means that we will quite possibly be living without gas, electric, water, phone, cable, and may loose our cars (the means to go to work), let alone food.

Then to top it off, the house has to be completely re plumbed. Joy of joys.

I have to come up with $2400 in taxes before August 31, and paychecks will stop with the first pay in July.

But it could be worse...at least I am still employed, and I 'm healthy, for the most part. I have a great daughter, good friends , (all in the same boat). For the most part, I am trying to stay positive, but I need to vent.

My daughter is 2000 miles away and they are no better off, and I can't help, and that is what hurts. I would love to be able to help them out, although she won't hear of it. But I can't help feeling like the world's worst mother.


Jeni said...

Hey! Where've you been? Haven't seen you posting for a long time here.
This budget impasse the state goes through every now and again should be outlawed with respect to people's pay checks. That is so totally unfair to create that kind of havoc in people's lives which could be avoided by just keeping those checks coming as long as people are working. Let's hope it gets resolved soon and in a reasonable manner too for the rest of us as well as you state workers.

Toni Lee said...

Thanks for the upliftin words, I've been a little bit down and didn't want to bring everyone down, too. Thursday I will be down at the other house to clean and paint, so I will be too busy to let the blue funk get me down.

Alice Audrey said...

I don't blame you for venting. If you were unemployed it would be a lot more tense, but at least you could spend your time looking for work, rather than working for nothing. All I can say is they better give you backpay.