Monday, November 16, 2009

Worser and worser!

Sometimes, I think that I wish I had never grown up. Oh to be like Peter Pan, and live in Never land, where the weather is warm, the food, although imaginary, is free, and everyone sleeps in trees, or caves, or ships.

Life has not been the greatest for a while, and although I get to retire in 2013, the world is about to end in 2012!

At least I won't have to worry about heat. food, shelter, or clean clothing!

The saga of the house continues...the gas company had to install a new gas line from the street to the house, because they had a serious 2006. It only took 10 days to get that installed, then they found a leak to the furnace and condemned that, and the only other source of heat, a vent less heater, has a leak at the stove and at the shutoff, so I am still without heat.

I have called my heating contractor 3 times without a call back, and it is getting cold in here.

I made a deal to give my house to the neighbor, if he would do the repairs here that he could do, and pay the taxes on the other house. I hired his son to remove the trash to a tune of $80, back in July, and so far that hasn't happened. The lights are only partially installed, and although he did put in a new kitchen faucet, the sprayer has not been connected.

The plumbing repairs have been handled, except now the hot water tank, no longer heats water, the kitchen faucet leaks and the sprayer is not yet installed.

I still have to put a second coat of paint on the living room, paint the ceiling, and trim, but it has been so cold, the paint has been taking 4 days to dry to the touch.

For 2 weeks I slept on an air mattress, with the aid of a sleeping bag, because my furniture is still in the other house, and I got depressed and went into debt and bought new living room furniture....not a good idea, but much more comfortable.

So, if you don't hear from me for a while, don't be concerned, I am sure I will thaw out by July.

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