Sunday, December 20, 2009


Every year, I hate the cold more and more. I hate shoveling snow, I hate the way my arthritis aches, I hate bundling up, and I hate the way I tend to hibernate.
I am not much a fan of Christmas, anymore, either. I don't have any family here to share with, and I am always working, and yet I never have the money to do anything.
I have always looked forward to the Christmas party with the LALA's. but this year they have decided not to exchange gifts, which was the only thing I truly looked forward to, because it was the one gift I could shop for and enjoyed seeking out the right gift.
I don't think I will even cook, or put up a tree again this year. I work second shift, so there is little time to enjoy the tree. I don't get home until after midnight, and the house is cold, so I head for the comforter, and watch a little TV, then sleep...get up, talk to Mo, feed the dog , get ready and off to work. Repeat.

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