Thursday, July 10, 2008

Here we go again

It is hard to believe it is another 4 day weekend. The LALA's are planning a cookout on Saturday. Finally, something on my day off, and I can attend. With my crazy schedule, there is not much chance of aligning my schedule with theirs.
This always is a time of good food, good friends, and pleasant conversation. We meet at June's and everyone brings a dish. You never know ow many deserts, main dishes, or bottles of wine, we will consume, but you always know the time will be full of stories and laughter. The one sure thing, since we are all good cooks (as you can tell from the photos) is that nobody goes away hungry.
These pictures are from last year's fall cookout, and we were all having a good time enjoying June's new firepit and fountain .
This spring, she had the pool moved and a deck added, so the early cookouts offer the chance of a ton of fun.
You never know who will show up, and you are always glad to catch up on everyone's lives. We are a diverse bunch, and we are survivors. Through sickness and health, pauverty and good times, since wealth has never darkened our doors, we stand tall in friendship and hopefully, one day one of us will hit it big, and we can all sponge off of her. LOL

The rest of the bunch love to gamble, (not me) so the big vacations are usually set around the slots. Some of us are into jewelry, some or should I say most are into sports, we are all Steeler fans, and always plan cookouts at game time.

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