Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rain, Rain...Go Away!

"Tis the season, I guess. Rain storms, funnel clouds, and uprooted trees.

I am located half way up the hill and the town is in the valley below, but we have been spared the tornadoes right here, but just a few miles away you can see where the wind had destroyed large forest areas, and took out trailer parks. Then, of course, came the rains and washed away the top soil and low lying vegetation.

Back in the early eighties, the road between Alamaguselum and Titusville was just devastated, and the winter that followed was harsh. We had ice floats that threatened downtown and did damage to our Pizza Hut. So far this year, we have had quite a few uprooted trees, and my poor garden, has lost a lot of top soil.

Today the rains have decided that my Kitchen needed watering. That is nothing new, as I need some roof epairs done, but there is always more "to-dos" than money. My little hovel, is my solace, but the repairs are a mounting problem. The house hasn't been painted in decades, but the interior needs to come first, as it is still knob and tube, and runs on four fuses, Reminding me of Green Acres, where you unplug the toaster to plug in the coffee pot. Part of the kitchen had been rewired, but again, othr things took presidence.

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