Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just a line to keep in touch

Lately, I have not been posting quite as regularly as I should, because there is not much going on in my life and I have not been at the top of my game.
This is my 3rd day of a 4 day weekend, and the only things I have accomplished are half the laundry and dishes.
Tomorrow I am determined to get a hair cut and manicure, and maybe even wash the "Winter" off my car....yes, I drive a car NOT a it's hell finding a broom with a handle wide enough to fit my rather large a*s!
As you might or might not know, we got 4 new (to us) ladies for our cottage, and lost one to another cottage. The transition has been going rather smoothly (ROTFLMAO) except for a few minor the a*shole in charge figuring we can deal with pica, ocd, runners, behaviors. doing 8 bathes while remaining within 8 feet of one of the ladies (she has bleeding on the brain) feeding,dressing, laundry, stocking supplies going to programs, taking them down for meds x2, and getting in our breaks, all with only 2 staff with a layout that is anything but conducive to allowing you to keep an eye on 10 private rooms 14 bathrooms, a laundry room, kitchen, dining room, computer room, 5 offices, 2 stairwells, an elevator 3 hallways and 2 ramps.
It's frightening at times, because the ladies are like family and if anything would happen to them ...well, it would be hard to take. I have been here over 9 years, and, yes, I have lost a few, but it tears your heart out. This situation of having too few staff, is nerve wracking.
I guess the 4 days off should let you unwind from all the stress, but it doesn't work that way.
Well. that's about all for now, I'll be back soon (that's a

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