Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thursday thirteen

I missed work again today, and so I have decided to do something to heal the problem causing me to be sick...yea, I am self-medicating, and here are the thirteen things I am eliminating for a one week period from my diet in an attempt to halt the onset of another attack:

  1. Coffee Ice cream

  2. Half and Half

  3. My daily cup of Gevalia Cinnamon coffee

  4. Whole milk on my cereal

  5. Cheese (this is killing me)

  6. Lettuce

  7. Creamy salad dressings

  8. White bread

  9. Chocolate

  10. anything fried

  11. added salt

  12. butter

  13. Gobstoppers

OH GOD! Just shoot me now and get it over with!


Jeni said...

Were I to eliminate my daily intake of coffee, I think my daughter would then no doubt end up being charged with murder as she would probably shoot me at the end of the first day of deprivation! Coffee is a staple of life in my book!
Good luck with rooting out the evils to your system with the self-medicating. I do that too -self-medicate, that is -but I tend to do it with coffee, ice cream, Girl Scout cookies (this week) and other things that just move my day along a tad smoother. Or so I tell myself anyway.

Mo said...

LoL...well, good luck! my need to eliminate list would go something like,

#1. quit smoking
#2. cut the caffeine
#3. quit smoking
#4. find *something* to drink, because I've eliminated EVERY beverage I generally consume with #2.
#5. quit smoking....

you get the idea...