Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm moving home!

I am going to move into Mom's house. There is a ton of work to be done (not as much as on mine), and I just can't seem to get a break with the weather, or scrounge up the energy to get going.
The tenants left it in a terrible state of disrepair, and not all of it is cosmetic. Check out the missing flashing, the state of the yard, and the rusted out railings, just to mention a few.
The painting alone is going to keep me busy for ever. Then the missing ceiling in the dining room, the repair to the living room hardwood floor, removal of the long out-dated paneling, the dangerous improper installation of the hot water tank, the 3 inches of mud in the basement, etc. will keep me in the poor house and in debt for the $2300 in taxes.
WELL, it's a good thing that I am incredibly rich...oh yea, I'M NOT!
I will post pictures of the before and after, soon, but it's going to be while before it's done, so be prepared to check back from time to time.


Jeni said...

All houses always have SOMETHING that needs to be done and the worse your finances are, the more that needs corrected, ya know.
I think I'd start with the mud and work my way up and then to the outside. Don't wanna mess with mud once you get the insides -and the outside too -cleaned up ya know. But anyway, good luck with the new "old" home. It may say a tad insurmountable right now, but once you get digging in to it, I betcha you'll find ways to get it all done. Peace.

Mo said...

The exterior and the yard *really* don't look THAT bad...in fact, it looks even better w/out the hovel next to it!!(What are the white things in front of the porch??)

And, Jeni's right; ALL houses need *something* and that *something* is always inversely proportionate to the amount of $$ you have to throw at it! It'll all come together tho - you'll see.

Toni Lee said...

Oh,did I forget to mention that the roof needs replaced. the electric needs updated, and at present it is without a heat source.
Roof first, porch rails next, basement steps next, mud next, new furnace next, electric next, buy range, microhood, maybe a dishwasher, repaint the cabnets, fix the hardwood, repair the attic entry, paint, wallpaper, then I can start on the normal day to day repairs, retire, and moove into my perminant home 6x6 room at Clvery cemetery.

Fishy said...

Congrats on the new home! Don't be so overwhelmed, a home can be a labor of love. Make sure you always have good music to listen to while fixing and repairing and something good to drink while working.
Maybe check out your local Freecycle or Barter websites, and even places like laundromats for ads on used appliances, etc. to get you by until you can find something more suitable. You may even find some building supplies or tools to help you out.
Forget the expensive cleaners, you can clean a whole house with vinegar, shaving cream, toothpaste and lemon juice (see me after class for more info on that)! Ha! Not that you want to, but it's always nice to skimp where you can, in order to splurge where you will enjoy later! And don't forget to post lots of progress pics! You'll be quite the inspiration to many people!
Good luck with your new home!

YummY! said...

Oh no! Good luck with your repairs.