Thursday, April 1, 2010


OH, what a beautiful day! First day I have truly enjoyed in so long, and just couldn't deny myself a long ride with all the windows down.
Had a doctors appointment early and an apt. with the garage for an oil change, and treated myself to breakfast.
The doctor says I am a good candidate for a double knee replacement, but that is something I want to put on hold as long as possible. She agrees, IF rest and pain meds allow it to heal, but if in 4 weeks the pain persists, she wants to try cortisone. Oh well, maybe I'll end up being the $10,000,000 woman! LOL!

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The Bumbles said...

I'm sorry to hear you may need all that work on your knees. But it is good that you are a good candidate, right? That there is a solution you could take advantage of and have good odds for success? Then maybe you could run around in the grass enjoying your beautiful spring day. It was lovely here too today. Is it safe for me to put my winter coat away now?