Saturday, March 20, 2010

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Back to work today!
I had every intention of going in yesterday, but the day turned into a comedy of errors.
It started out that as I was leaving I grabbed a bottle of coke, and for some reason, it was sticky, so I put my purse and keys down , went to the closet for a wipe, cleaned the bottle, checked that the door was locked and walked to the car.
Opened the car door, and was talking to the neighbor, and the car door closed and locked...with my purse inside! UGH!
Then I went back to the house to call someone to open the locked...UGH #2! I had to break a window to get in, called the police who informed they do not open cars, unless a child or pet is inside. I then called a towing service, and went to meet them out back.
In my haste, I twisted my ankle and fell backwards down the cement steps. I hurt! I crawled back in the house and called work, who gave me a hard time, because I was 15 minutes late to call off (need 2 hours)UGH #3!
I started to go get a cup of coffee to take a pain pill & muscle relaxer with, and lo and keys, right there on the counter. UGH#4!
Called the tow service, cancelled, and took the medication, and applied a hot compress, and promptly fell asleep!

1 comment:

fishy said...

You must find your favorite rock or brick and sneak a spare key for the house and car to make life easier.
Sorry about all the "Ugh's" but as always, you find a way to seek a positive outlook on a gloomy situation.
Get some rest and enjoy the first day of Spring!