Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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I must have a thousand cookbooks, but it seems that day after day, week after week, and year after year, I cook and eat the same old things
It is also a fact that every year , my resolutions are the same old things, and although most of them are things I do do, like the yearly physical etc, the rest fall short.
This year I have decided not to do resolutions, but revelations.
Since I have never eaten so many things that almost everyone has, like sweet potatoes, brustle sprouts, kahle, and numerous other things, it has caused me to think that in my 64 years, I have missed out on a lot.
I have spent a lot of time on PINTEREST, lately and have pinned a few receipies that look good, and  am determined to try.
That is step one,step two involves the old homestead.
Again thanks to Pinterest, there are ideas that have my juices flowing... a hall tree made from an old door is to become the entry to my bathroom...new color for the kitchen cabnets...my broom closet is to become a pantry, and so many more.
IF I can find new batteries for my camera (since Walmart no longer carries them) I will post before and after photos, but the weather is too damp and cold to start on this leg of my "revelations" until later.
Step three is to get a life outside of work, home, and the internet.  I  want new people in my life. I want to take long walks with my dog. I want to dance again. I want to fall in love, deeply and without thinking too much about it. But mostly,  I want to find the little girl who used to reside inside me, and revel in the simple things, like walking in the rain,  jumping in puddles,  singing out loud,  laughing at the abserdity of life, and just being me!

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Jeni said...

Like you, I have oodles of cookbooks too and last summer, I organized, typed all the recipes (586 of 'em) and got a cookbook published for our women's group at church. Sales has been very good and thus far, all comments about the book have been really nice too. I'm no stranger to many foods as I like to experiment now and then in my cooking but I doubt any of us will ever get around to trying all the many food substances available. Sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts though -both are things that I have enjoyed -a lot too -over the years. (Darned good stuff too, I must add.) But like you too, I do need to work on the things you mentioned in your step 3 -although the work thing is something totally in my past now as is the romantic aspect too. But finding the person I used to be in other respects, yep -something I definitely would like to be able to do too.