Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a good day except for...

Yesterday we took the ladies to dinner at the Golden Corral, followed by shopping at Kraynaks. This is usually a grand time, but this trip was marred by a single family of 8 people who are the most ignorant I have ever encountered.

We were seated in a dining room off to the side, because it is hard to fit 5 wheelchairs, 3 walkers, and 4 staff around a single table, we needed 4 tables.

I understand, people wanting their dining experience to be somewhat exclusive, but at a restaurant like this, you expect, or should expect some diversity.

To say these people were rude, would be an understatement. I have been working with the special people for 10 years, but it never ceases to upset me when people act like they can catch mental retardation. I would have felt bad, had they simply have changed their seats, but the rude comments that came out of their and their children's mouth was just hurtfull.
These people don't care who they hurt.

Our ladies may be special, but they understand. They have feelings, and they know when people make fun of them.
I so wanted to go out and take their picture and post it, but that would have put me at their level of cruelty, so I can only hope that they never have to have anyone in their family who is special, because too many times, these special people only have the staff as family. Our ladies range of age from 50 to 91, some have family, some do not, but all are loved by us, the staff. And we are loved and enriched by them in return.


----- Jennifer ----- said...

your blog is good good good

Jeni said...

The lady who is the manager of a group home about 12 miles from where I live -they house three men there who each has some type of developmental issue -told me that before they accessed this particular home, the neighbors on that street were a bit up in arms over the home housing these three men. These guys are not rehab clients, not criminals, just have various lower ability levels. She said one man who lives on that street would not allow his children out in the yard if the staff took any or all of these men for a walk. Teaching his children to shun them! Children especially, can and will learn acceptance if they are given the opportunity -taught that no, being mentally challenged is not something contagious, for openers. My kids grew up around a cousin of mine who is now 51 years old, in a wheel chair, can not do anything for herself, can't speak either, but my kids because they were around her frequently all their lives have no fear of people who are mentally and/or physically challenged as a result of that. My aunt used to feel that people thought her daughter would rub off on them and that was something that really hurt her very much. Wish there were some way to educate people about their ignorance and cruel behaviors.

Frances said...

I had quite a run-in at a store a few years back over a similar situation.
A cashier in a store was being horrible to someone and well - let's just say I opened my big yap.
Sending good vibes your way.
Hope to you'll send something in to post on our group blog,
Frances from shewhoblogs