Sunday, April 12, 2009

Holiday Wishes (little late)

The feast of Ostara takes its name from the Goddess Eostre, of whom little is known, except that she must have been a Goddess of spring, fertility, rebirth, and the rising sun. Her name is etymologically connected with both the "east," and with a word for "shining; glorious." The Ostara worship was so strong in the Germanic lands that the somewhat similar Christian feast of rebirth and renewal was given the Goddess's name. Bede recounts that the Christian Paschal feast was named after the heathen Goddess Eostre, and so this celebration is still named Easter among the Christians. There is no specific date on which the Ostara feast must be held. The three mightiest times at this turning of the year are the equinox itself and the new and full moons following the equinox. It is probably better in general to celebrate Ostara during the waxing moon.

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Callista said...

Happy Ostara to you too although I celebrate it on the Spring Equinox. I've never really heard of celebrating it at any other time although it's definitely connected to Easter for me.

Toni Lee said...

That's the time I celebrate too, I just haven't had my head screwed on right lately, and forgot to post when I should have...doesn't matter, tis the season even if I'm almost a month behind.