Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolutions 010

This year, I am going to only make resolutions I know I can keep!
1. I promise to play on the computer and waste countless hours doing nothing.
2. I promise to eat things I like, especially if they are not good for me.
3. I promise to try countless diets for one day, and then forget about it!
4. I promise to watch shows on television that allow me to zone out.
5. I promise to procrastinate...but maybe later.
6. I promise to spend too much on junk.
7. I promise to eat out too often.
8. I promise to laugh at AFHV, and not feel guilty.
9. I promise to cry when I am sad.
10. I promise to feel strongly about some things and feel nothing about others.
11. I promise to love my family, friends, and my dog.
12. I promise to worship as I choose.
13. I promise to read for my own entertainment and not because "IT" is what everyone is reading.
14. And finally I promise to try to keep my resolutions, this year.
Here is hoping you all can make and keep the resolutions that make and keep you happy.

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Jeni said...

Now there's a set of resolutions I'm pretty darned sure I can keep! Well, I may have to kind of skip over the one about dieting and eating healthy foods, etc., mainly because my Doctor told me last month that I HAD BETTER to something between now and March to lower the cholesterol and sugar levels and to at least lose a few pounds in the process too. So that one, I'm sort of trying to adhere to at least some of the time. (When I can remember to do that, ya know!)
Happy New Year!