Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This year started out bad and has progressively gotten worse.

I have had some problems with heat, since moving in, as I have a new furnace sitting in my kitchen as of yet not connected, an old condemned furnace still sitting in the basement, needing removed, a small gas vent less heater in the dining room that is next to worthless, and 3 electric heaters running full tilt and keeping the house at about 50 degrees.

The house has a half basement, and the water to the kitchen has frozen for the second time this month.

The car needed inspected, and the brakes went out, but that turned into a major repair, as the master cylinder was the problem, the front left brake drum and rear left brake drum had to be replaced along with struts and springs, costing nearly a thousand dollars and leaving me without transportation to work for 8 days. Upon getting my car back, I had a 5 day long weekend, and today was on my way to work, when half way up a hill, about 2 miles from town, my car died. I walked back to town to the grocery store and called the tow service, and then called work, where I was told I could only have one hour of emergency time to get to work. The garage informed me that the problem was the fuel pump and it is going to cost a couple hundred dollars to fix.

I got to work with about one half hour to spare on emergency time, only to find out that I have somewhere lost my license, no insurance, no credit cards, no checks, and no money.

Well, so how was your day?

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