Friday, December 26, 2008

HURRY 2009

I appeal to the Goddess, the Lord, my Guardian Angel, and the Hawk, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, let the new year come quickly. This year,(actually this last quarter of the year)has been the worst I can remember. The accident at work, the death of my dear friend, the impending death of another, no money...(yes, again this pay, they have not paid me) and the furnace going out, and the bills mounting up have put me in a blue funk. HURRY 2009.

In all honesty, I have my health..and Art and Ben haven't (arthritis and BenGay)been giving me too much trouble. I have a new furnace, and I still have my job, my house, and food, and Mo and Billy are happy and healthy, and all the critters are doing well, so I really have no right to complain, but I still can't wait for the times and tides to turn.

Today, I decided to catch up on paying the bills, but because of the snafu with my paycheck and nobody in until Monday, I just hibernated under the covers.

Kim (at work) made me a big box of the worlds best peanut butter fudge, and Romeo and I had a piece and shared a warm snuggle on the couch and watched the boob tube. We are going to share some more, and watch my latest Netflix tape(Steven Seagal), maybe read a little, and enjoy being off for the rest of the weekend.

I hear the freshly brewed coffee sending me a message that it is ready for me to enjoy, so I guess that's where I'm headed....goodnight all!

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