Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My so-called greenthumb

As you can see, I am a plant killer, a perpetual brown-thumb aficionado, who, though with good intentions, kill the lovely little green things that I continue to buy, nurse to death, and love for their short lifespan in my domicile. These are 2 of my latest acquisitions, and although I think one is Aloe, I have no idea what the other is. Pathos, however, seem to hold on to life here somewhat better.

The plant-gene, was lost on me, and I find that hard to fathom, because for generations, the women in our family have had great luck with plants. My mother, could take cut roses, sent to her for many occasions, stick them into a potato and plant them, only to end up with glorious rose bushes that thrived for years.

And then there is my daughter, who can cultivate anything green.

I however did get the craft-gene, and Mo, did not wish to cultivate that one so much. She has a recessive craft-gene, because, although she has the ability, she does not have the desire so much.

I have a ton of gardening books, and I have gone so far as to bake potting soil in the oven (to the screams of my Mom) only to be rewarded with a very lush and happy weed. So I have resigned myself to the task of giving lovely green things a short, but well loved life and early death.

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