Wednesday, December 24, 2008

WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON THE NET.......It's Christmas....go open your presents!

Eat Christmas cookies, watch football games, stuff yourself with turkey, ham, goose, cranberry sauce, stuffing, green been casserole....plum pudding(?), and eggnog.

Call your parents and wake them up at the crack of dawn, like you did when you were little...ah maybe not....they might not like hearing their adult children saying things like "Wake up mom, Nan....look it snew!"

But then again, they were probably not up all night putting toys together, so they might be rested and just dying to be awakened to hear what Santa brought.

Whatever else you do, wish all those who touch your life a joyous season, whatever they celebrate, take the time to hug one another, and bless all of you, whoever, and wherever you are and thank you for bringing joy into my life and the life of everyone reading whatever you type, post, and share.

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