Monday, December 22, 2008

Just 3 days 'till Christmas...
I still have no tree...
It seems too much trouble...
For Romeo and me.

We'll have Christmas dinner.
We'll eat 'till we're full.
We'll then take a nap,
On this Christmas/Yule.

Then I'll go to work,
And Romeo will howl.
He thinks I'll stay home...
If he continues to yell.

But the place where I work...
Can never shut down.
The people I tend to
Need care all year 'round.

It's not really a hospital.
It's not really a school...
But they just need some people,
And that's kind-a cool.

So I head off to work,
With a song in my heart.
And hope that this season,
Fills some place in your heart.

For the best part of the season,
Is the things that we share,
And letting someone special..
Know how much we care.

So here's to all bloggers...
Tho we're scattered about.
May you celebrate giving
"Tis what it's about.

1 comment:

Mo said...

Now, see, that's good! (You could'a passed on that writing gene too, ya know?!)

Luv ya!