Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just a thought

I haven't written here in a while, mainly because the weather has been so crappy and depressing that it has been on my mind, and I figure I have written enough about the snow...now if Mother Nature could take the hint and give us some sunshine to brighten our souls, THAT would be something to write about.

I have an extra day this weekend (five days instead of four) and IF the temperature cooperates, I will get some painting done at Mom's house.

I think I will be moving there come Fall, as there are fewer repairs to be made there than here. the tenants, as I laughingly refer to them, have moved out, and it's time to assess the damage.I know that it needs a furnace replacement, and cabinet refacing, and the hardwood floors need refinishing, but the rest will be a SURPRISE.

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Mo said...

PLease have our couzin drop by our bloggy, cause we has an award for 'im! (we trieded & trieded to post to his spot, but yur word verification wont letted us!!)