Friday, February 13, 2009

Only the Good

Yesterday it was like Spring here in North Western Pennsylvania. The road crews were out clearing out the dirty piles of accumulated snow, and the Sun was shining down on the freshly plowed roads. All n all, it was like rebirth.

Today, I awoke to a freshly blanketed yard, street and car. Again, Ol' Man Winter, popped up and covered us with a fresh comforter of snow. I was looking forward to being warm again, but this was an expected surprise.

Normally, I listen to the Chicago noon news and weather, because it seems to be a better representation of what to expect here, than does the Pittsburgh station. (That's because on Dish, they consider Pittsburgh to be my local station, but we still get the lake effect weather from Erie.) I was prepared for the snow, as I am prepared for rain tomorrow, which will mean icy roads.

By now you would expect me to be fed up with the snow, which after all has been tremendous, this year, but for some strange reason, I am enjoying this second chance to be amazed at the beauty and crispness it brings to the morning.

Our cottage at work is getting four transfers from another building, and the ladies are a welcome addition to our little family group. They are higher functioning ladies with outside interests, and "boyfriends" that will be visiting on occasion (platonic) and may even join in at the weekly get-togethers.

To sum it up, fresh air, crisp clean atmosphere, new friends, and new ideas and plans...what' not to's "Only the Good" to a tee.


Jeni said...

Yep, all things that would work for me as "only the good" -even the snow. We're getting a few flurries here right now but it doesn't look to be the kind of flurrying that will build into an accumulation. Although it is cold -the raw cold, ya know -and still pretty windy too. Compared to the wind yesterday and Wednesday night though, it is calm, very calm!
Have a great weekend.

This Eclectic Life said...

It's hard to imagine, as I sit here in the 70 degree weather, a blanket of snow. Though I don't enjoy cold, I do like the beauty of it. I hope you have a calm and lovely weekend filled with Only The Good!

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful, as is your description, Toni. It all sounds GOOD to me. Have a lovely and enchanted weekend.
I'm up with my OtGF post Don't Worry, Be Happy