Wednesday, January 14, 2009

TT meme

Thirteen things about Winter to celebrate:

1. The earth is resting, the nights are longer, the fireplace is glowing, and the eggnog is must be Winter.

2. The snow covers the earth with a clean blanket of white. Everything looks crisp and new.

3. The flowers are hibernating and preparing for a new year of glorious blooms of color.

4. Everyone seems to be in a good mood....optimistically looking forward to a year of change.

5. People are making resolutions to change the things in life they are not so crazy about, only to renege ...but nobody cares. No hassle promises.

6. Football is still on!

7. It's time to bring out the afghans, quilts and comforters and snuggle up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate WITH MARSHMALLOWS!

8. You can sleep in without guilt.

9. Long johns and fuzzy slippers are acceptable at home attire.

10. You can blame your ugliest sweater on "Mom sent it" and nobody questions your fashion taste.

11. If you forget and wear the macaroni necklace to work, people will remind you to put it back on before you leave so the little one will know how much you love it.

12. If you call in sick with the "flu" nobody questions your veracity...or the smell of whiskey on your breath.

13. The BEST REASON: Summer is just around the corner!


Darla said...

And snow really LOOKS nice. :) I have to say, #13 is my favorite thing about winter, too.

This Eclectic Life said...

I am not playing the 13, but I'm telling you that I like these, Toni. The smell of whiskey on the breath? Do you use butter, honey & whiskey for that sore throat? lol

Lady_Hawk said...

In actuality, with a grade3 eusophagitis, I don't drink anything but water, coke, coffee milk, and when I'm sick...tea.
BUT, I was young ONCE!

The Bumbles said...

Can I go stand on that corner and wait for Summer? I'll even go through all the trouble of putting on a hat and mittens and a scarf and wool socks and ugly waterproof boots and longjohns and 3 sweaters and a turtleneck and a coat zipped, buttoned and tied tight with the hood if you promise me Summer is really right around that corner!

michelle | bleeding espresso said...

I love your list! I also love winter, so I can relate to a lot of the items :)

Welcome to She Who Blogs!

Thorne said...

Nice TT! Good winter stuff (but it's so warm here today it feels like spring! Woot!!!)

junebug said...

I like #'s 12 & 13!

The Gal Herself said...

Ah #12! Gotta love it.

So you're still TT-ing, even without our official huh? Hmmm ... maybe next week I'll try it again myself. Thanks for the idea!

Tobias said...

Haha, #12 is possibly the best reason. No matter how sick you are in summer, it's harder to convince people that you need to stay home. In winter though...well, everyone gets sick in winter.

Tink said...

I kinda like winter! i handle the cold much better than the heat in summer. :)
Thanks for visiting my TT.