Sunday, January 18, 2009

Winter Wonderland--ENOUGH already

This was the scene that greeted me as I
was waking up this morning to yet another layer of this I mean beautiful snow, yea right. We have been snowed in for 6 days now, with warnings not to go out unless absolutely necessary. Okay, I've had enough. Bring on Spring. The furnace has been running at full force, and as they charge an arm and a leg for gas, I'll be in the poor house for the duration of my life.
Luckily, at 60, that won't be too long.
The top two picture are of my can see those black spots. well, those are my tires, and I have to get out by tomorrow, so hopefully the city will decide to plow...but that's doubt full as this is the last area in town they plow. There are no doctors, lawyers or city councilmen on this hill. This is one of the lowest tax areas in town, and the one with the lowest as far as improvements go, so we kind of have to take a back seat.

All 3 pictures were taken from Romeo's vantage point of looking out the front picture window, atop the sofa in the living room.

The tall bushes on the left side of the pictures are my 19 foot tall personal privacy screen. I love them, but they are a
bi*#h to trim. So I have to hire that done. the much smaller bushes shown in the third picture, are the ones I cut down last spring, and they were just as tall as the others, before Edward Scissorhands got to them.

The domed shaped thing , lower right corner of the last picture, is my bird, they'll have to eat out of the feeders on the back porch, as I'm going to watch the game, do a laundry, and enjoy my last day off.

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Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Poor you! and I was bitching about a foot of the crap...err...beautiful white stuff. LOL. It's starting to feel like spring here in the High Desert, So Cali, but I'm sure it's a trick. Like "Go back, it's a trap!". Hehe. We'll have rain and flash floods again soon. It's almost guaranteed since they grated our dirt road yesterday :-)